Safety team

Safety is a promise and responsibility for clients and society.
SAMOOCM’s safety team is making a preemptive response to field safety by advancing the safe environment management system.

General Safe Environment Management Team
Prepares a detailed safety standard given the characteristics of each site and advances the safety, environment and
quality management system in collaboration with Compliance Office and Technical Research Institute.
General Safe Environment Management Team
Research Institute
Compliance Office
Safety Management Enforcement T/F

SAMOOCM’s each department provides support for field safety management through Safety Management Enforcement T/F at all times.

  • Technical Research Institute
    Technical review and non-residential
  • Infrastructure Team
    Safety check using a drone
  • Compliance Office
    Legal review
  • Planning Team
    Company-wide safety culture promotion and education
Occupational Safety and Health Committee

Consists of management and workers, prevents occupational accidents and creates a safe working environment.

  1. 01

    Establishment of safety/ health plan and occupational accident prevention plan

  2. 02

    Preparation of safety budget and safety/health management rules

  3. 03

    Health management such as safety/health education, and health examination

  4. 04

    Investigation into the cause of occupational accidents and recurrence prevention plan

  5. 05

    Other matters for safety/health maintenance/promotion

Safety/health campaign to raise the awareness of safety and vocation of all workers (safety relay)
Safety flag
samoocm Safety flag
Safety flag relay
samoocm Safety flag relay
Reading of resolution on safety realization
samoocm Reading of resolution on safety realization
Commemorative photographing
samoocm Commemorative photographing